ArmorBox Kido Case iPad Pro 12.9 1st-2nd Gen (#59)

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Our favorite non-rigid case is also one of the best values on the market.  It's made of tough EVA foam, and comes with a folding handle stand.  It gives us enough room to make strong keyguards without compromises. This case is copied and sold under many different brand names, so we call them all the "Classic EVA" case.  The ArmorBox Kido is one of the best made of them all, with the most consistent fit, and it's the first one of the Classic EVA cases we chose to sell.  We have limited supplies remaining, and only in blue, but we're offering our remaining inventory at an incredible price. 

The Kido provides extreme shock-resistance for your iPad. Its lightweight design makes it easy to be carried by young children without parents having to worry about accidental drops. There is even an elevated screen bezel that provides additional safety in the event of the tablet being dropped on its screen. The case also maximizes the functionality of your iPad to provide children easy access to all functions and buttons.

Our best-selling attachment, the snap-in attachment, is by far the most popular attachment for use with the ArmorBox Kido. Suction tape works great as well, because of the generous room the case leaves us.  There's even enough room for suction cups, though they may encroach slightly on some of the openings on some models (like the Mini). Straps can be used to attach the keyguard if the three preferred methods are not acceptable.  The Velcro and magnetic attachments do not work with the ArmorBox Kido.

Product Features

  • Free-standing and kid-friendly case
  • Light weight and durable made of hazard-free materials
  • Raised bezel edges for extra protection
  • Convertible kickstand that can change into a handle
  • Exact cutouts and openings for all buttons, controls, and cameras
  • One year warranty from i-Blason

Note: The number after the iPad model you chose above is the number to select as the "To Fit Case" option when ordering a keyguard from this site.

How to Determine Which iPad You Have

On newer iPads, it's easy.  Go to the Settings app General settings and tap "About".  The Model Name is what you're looking for.  Select that model from the "Device" pull down menu above.

On older iPads, use the Model Number, which is really a part number that looks something like "ML0N2LL/A".  Do a Web search for that.  On the back of your iPad there's also a very tiny model number that looks something like "A1538".  Do a Web search for that, like "iPad A1538".