Keyboards and Accessories

People ask us all the time to recommend a keyboard/keyguard combination.  While keyboards are not our focus, we've chosen these to make available when you need to purchase a new keyboard and keyguard.  They are designed for people with vision and motor difficulties and are of very high quality, so we are glad to offer them to go with your keyguard.

  • ClearKeys USB keyboard

    Alt ClearKeys Keyboard

    The ClearKeys keyboard by Alt is a full-sized 104-key extended keyboard designed for high visibility and easy distinction of the keys.  It's great for low-vision users and users with motor difficulties. Features of the ClearKeys Keyboard Large...
  • ArithmeType Math Keyboard

    ArithmeType Math Keyboard

    The ArithmeType keyboard is designed specifically to help students learn mathematics. The keyboard conveniently locates the numbers, operations, common math letters and symbols in one plug-and-play device that works alongside your own computer.  The...
  • Clevy Kids Mouse Clevy Kids Mouse

    Clevy Kids Mouse

    In a world where our children are exposed to computers and IT hardware at a young age, we think it is important for them to learn how to handle a computer mouse well and safely from a young age. The Clevy Kids Mouse is a great choice for small hands and...
  • Clevy Keyboard upper case and lower case keyboards Clevy Contrast Keyboard in high-contrast uppercase

    Clevy Oversized Keyboard

    Note, December, 2023:  Due to a supply chain issue, availability of the Bluetooth versions is limited.  Call for Bluetooth availability.  Meanwhile, we do still have the USB versions in stock. We are pleased to now offer selected...