Keyguard AT keyguards are truly custom made to match the exact configuration of the app you are using.  To do that, we need to know all the details of that configuration in order to correctly design the keyguard.  Our website is designed for you to specify exactly how you want the keyguard made, and it is the basis for correctly placing a purchase order so we can serve you promptly, efficiently, and without errors.  However, if you will be ordering with a purchase order please read our How to Purchase Order.pdf for instructions on doing it through the website.

If you don’t follow this procedure, your order will be on hold while we contact you for the missing information, and we will add a $50 order processing surcharge.  Keyguards not ordered with this procedure are not warranteed against design errors.

Since all keyguards are made to order, they are not normally returnable, because they cannot be resold.  Keyguards for keyboards are returnable under certain conditions.  Please refer to our return policy.  Keyguards for other devices are not returnable, but they can often be replaced though our keyguard exchange program.

It is your responsibility to determine the correct settings when ordering a keyguard. We will be happy to assist you if you are unsure of what you need. Also, please be aware that keyguards do not attach to either the iPad or the iPad Case. Please review the information regarding your options to help keep the keyguard in place, as described in our blog. Contact us if you need assistance.

The images shown on our webpages may be different from the keyguard you are ordering. We can't possibly show all the combinations.  The images on the webpages are representative of the typical user choices.