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We decided to add the Cooper ArmorGuard Pro cases to our lineup because they have great keyguard attachment methods.  This version has a rotating hand strap on the back with a small kickstand, and it comes with a shoulder strap.  The other version, found here, has a folding ring stand.

Our best-selling attachment, the snap-in attachment, is by far the most popular attachment for use with the ArmorGuard Pro. The case has a removable front clip for inserting the iPad.  You fit the snap-in attachment to that clip, and the keyguard lies flat against the screen and comes on and off just by removing the front clip.

The lock-in attachment is similar, but locks under all 4 edges of the screen protector frame, making it more difficult for a child to remove.  Velcro or magnetic attachments can be used on some models, but they tend to hold the keyguard higher off the screen. Elastic straps can be used to attach the keyguard as a last resort. 

Product Features

  • Designed to fit all the most popular Apple iPad models
  • Anti-skid silicone skin over hard TPU shell
  • Rotating handstrap stand
  • Shoulder strap
  • Apple Pencil holder on most models

Note: The number after the iPad model you choose above is the number to select as the "To Fit Case" option when ordering a keyguard from this site. Look for the SEYMAC Rotating Handle Stand with the same number.

How to Determine Which iPad You Have

Go to the Settings app General settings and tap "About".  The Model Name is what you're looking for.  Select that model from the "Device" pull down menu above.