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This is a keyguard for Smartbox's Grid Pad and Touch Pad devices.  For Smartbox Talk Pad devices, order the iPad keyguard for the app you are using.

Smartbox keyguards are attached to the device with suction tape, a very strong tape that uses microscopic pores to create suction.  We recommend leaving the keyguard attached to the device to prevent the suction tape from getting dirty and losing its grip.  Suction tape may be cleaned with water and a mild detergent like soft soap. If you need replacement tape, it can be ordered here.

App Settings and Options

Device - Select the Smartbox device you have.  If your device is not listed, you can order a custom tablet keyguard.

Layout - Select the layout to match the grid you are using.  The standard SmartBox layouts are listed.  If you are using an unlisted layout, choose "Other".  You will need to send us a screen capture of the app running in the configuration you want.  Here's how to do that.

Material - In general, the colored acrylics work best for apps that provide space between the cells, and should be avoided on apps that don't provide any space between the cells.  The acrylic styrene is more flexible than standard acrylics and is much less likely to crack when bent.  It features a non-glare surface, a choice of several colors, and comes with a 2-year guarantee against breakage.  The high-impact PMMA is denser than standard acrylics and as clear as glass, and will sustain much higher impacts without breaking, though it is still able to be broken by bending.  3/16" and 1/4" acrylics are standard PMMA acrylics like Plexiglass and Perspex.  They are more rigid than the 1/8" due to their extra thickness, and they provide more depth to help the user avoid accidental touches.  Polycarbonate is the strongest material, being virtually unbreakable, and comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage.  Allow one extra week for polycarbonate.  Learn about materials in more detail in our Keyguard Materials blog.

User ID - An optional HIPAA-compliant identifier to be engraved on the keyguard.  Do not use full names.  ID's may be up to 25 characters long.

Special Instructions - Use this field to communicate any other information we need to know about the keyguard.  For example, if you want to block certain openings, like perhaps the settings button, you can request that here.