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Use this item to order a keyguard for a keyboard that is not currently offered. You will need to provide us with a physical copy of the keyboard.  Just ship us the loaner keyboard or laptop, or order a new one and have it drop shipped to us.  We'll design the keyguard to fit the keyboard and test fit it.  Once it's right, we'll ship the keyguard to you, along with the loaner keyboard or laptop.  We can usually ship the loaner device back with the new keyguard in two days.

This keyguard comes with no provision for mounting.  Depending on how much room the keyboard leaves around the edge of the keys, you may be able to attach the keyguard with Velcro or mounting tape.  In cases where there is no room for tape, a sticky putty like Blu Tack may be the best solution.

NOTE: Custom keyguards made to order and are not returnable.

Settings and Options

Device Make/Model - Provide the device make and model so we can properly identify it.

Link to Device Online - Provide a URL (link) to the device online so we can find it and read about it.

Keyboard Size - Choose "Compact" for keyboards that are typically found on laptops, tablets, etc.  These are generally about 12" wide and don't have a numeric keypad on the right.  Choose "Extended" for a keyboard with a numeric keypad or oversized keys.  These are generally 15" wide or wider.

Material - The acrylic styrene is more flexible than standard acrylics and is much less likely to crack when bent.  It features a non-glare surface, a choice of several colors, and comes with a 2-year guarantee against breakage.  The high-impact PMMA is denser than standard acrylics and as clear as glass, and will sustain much higher impacts without breaking, though it will still crack if bent.  3/16" and 1/4" acrylics are standard PMMA acrylics like Plexiglass and Perspex.  They are more rigid than the 1/8" due to their extra thickness, and they provide more depth to help the user avoid accidental touches.  Polycarbonate is the strongest material, being virtually unbreakable, and comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage.  Allow one extra week for polycarbonate.  Learn about materials in more detail in our Keyguard Materials blog.

Special Instructions - Use this field to communicate any other information we need to know about the keyguard.  For example, if the keyboard has buttons to turn it on/off or control the lighting, etc., you could tell us whether you wanted those buttons open or closed.