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Order this item to make a keyguard of your own design. Just send us your design as an SVG file and we'll make it by laser cutting or CNC milling. Of course, we can't be responsible for your design, so be sure to print it on paper before you send it to us, so you know it will be the right size and shape.

This doesn't mean we'll design and make a keyguard from a picture you send us!  This is for when you want to use software to design a keyguard, and you just want us to make it from your design.

For 3D-printed keyguards, you may send us an STL file of the finished design, rather than the SVG file.

If you don't have a way to create an SVG or STL file, you can use Volksswitch's custom keyguard designer to design one.  

Design-your-own keyguards are made to order and thus are not returnable.  Design-your-own keyguards are given the same warranty against breakage as the keyguards we design and make ourselves.

Settings and Options

Design - You have two choices for the design of the keyguard.  First, you can design it yourself and send your design as an SVG or STL file to  Be sure to reference your order number so we can match your design with it.  Second, you can make an exact copy of a previously-made keyguard from Keyguard AT.  Instead of sending us a design file, in the Special Instructions field put the serial number engraved on the front of the original keyguard.

Material - The default clear acrylic styrene is more flexible than standard acrylics and is much less likely to crack when bent.  It features a non-glare surface and comes with a 2-year guarantee against breakage.  It's also available in several colors that are also non-glare and have a 1-year guarantee.  3/16" and 1/4" acrylics are standard PMMA acrylics like Plexiglass and Perspex.  They are more rigid than the 1/8" due to their extra thickness, and they provide more depth to help the user avoid accidental touches, but they are brittle and can be cracked if bent.  Polycarbonate is the strongest material, being virtually unbreakable, and comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage.  3D resin prints are a gray or black polyurethane in a number of thicknesses and have a 1-year guarantee. Allow two extra days for polycarbonate or 3D-printed polyurethane.  Learn about materials in more detail in our Keyguard Materials blog.

Special Instructions - Use this field to communicate any other information we need to know about the keyguard.  For example, the original order number for a duplicate keyguard.  You might also want to tell us something about what your keyguard is intended to do, so we can alert you if something seems out of sorts.